College. I never expected it to come so fast. My fear has eventually came. Back when I was younger, my mom told me “When you reach high school and college, I won’t be there for you doing a tutorial. You should study on your own.”. This has been a great fear. I remember imagining how my academic life would be without her by my side. 

Speaking of college, here it is. Sad to say that I never got excited for it because I feel old when we talk about college. I wanted to become a doctor, ever since. So when I finished my high school in Ateneo de Cebu, I had a hard time deciding where to go for college. Mom advised me to go back to Tacloban and study in SSCT. I never liked that school, seriously. But I still ended taking up Pharmacy in the said school. 

New people, new environment. It has not been a hard time adjusting since I feel like I was able to overcome a half of being shy. Lol. 

The first semester seemed like hell. I don’t know. Maybe this was just because it is a first time for me. But through it all, I have found good friends whom I can trust all the time, especially when it comes to school works. Hahaha.

So I guess I have all the freedom to relax and chill without thinking of any problems and stuff related to school. 

Happy Semestral Break!

@ Caluwayan Palm Island Resort and Hotel.